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Leadership Development, Team Building and Culture Advisory for mid-size Family Firms.

Through targeted solutions, we help expanding, mid-size family firms scale with ease.

Strategy Planning and Development

Before discussing solutions, we want to make sure we clarify what we are solving for. To this point, OYS can work with your organisation on planning executive retreats, culture building strategies, leadership development approaches, enhancing your employee experience and more.

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Cutting-edge Interactive Workshops

Extensive research backs the fact that people learn better when they are having fun. Un-fun learning is less effective. And because we are aware that training can take a sizeable chunk from an organisation's budget, at OYS we are purposeful in designing training that is both relevant and highly engaging to ensure your organisation gets the most out of your investment.

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OYS Coaching

Workshops are excellent conveyors of knowledge but true transformation comes from implementing said knowledge. Strengthen and build your current and next generation of teams and leaders through OYS Executive, Leadership, Team and Group coaching.

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