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High Vibe Team™ Programme

To support your next level of business expansion you need teams that are dynamic, scalable and built on trust, collaboration and open dialogue. The unique formula of our High Vibe Team™ Programme helps you achieve that and more.

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High Vibe Team™?

Research, and our personal experience in working with leaders and teams, validate that high levels of energy in teams lead to better performance, higher retention, increased engagement, enhanced learning, abundance of innovative thinking and significant boosts in morale. The sum of which create your competitive advantage. So the question should be ... why not?!

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Team Building

High Vibe Team™ programme.

Team dynamics are the biggest indicator a company's success. If the teams operate in a spirit of collaboration, respect and trust, productivity organically increases and the business reaps the benefits.

However, statistics and experience both confirm that these circumstances are unlikely to naturally occur, especially among family-owned businesses where family dynamics often unintentionally contribute to shaping the company culture.

Through the use of a one-of-a-kind proprietary assessment, our High Vibe Team™ programme is uniquely positioned to uncover the underlying drivers of your current team dynamics, identify how those drivers are impacting performance, and strategise new dynamics that work for, rather than against, your business.

We accelerate progress by focusing on solutions and building on what's already working. And in doing so, raise the 'energy' of your team so your business can reap the benefits.

The programme outline is made up of three steps...
  • An initial group strategy session where we review your Team’s High Vibe Team™ assessment, connect the results to your Team’s current performance, create a vision for future performance, and set clear, measurable objectives that will get you to your vision.
  • Two individual 90-minute High Vibe strategy sessions for each team member
  • A re-group strategy session 45-60 days after the initial session to check in on progress, reinforce the vision and set a new way forward.

The specifics of each programme will be tailored to your business needs and established in our planning meetings.

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The combination of team and individual work allows for multi-layered solutions and is a key compenent of our programme's effectiveness.

What that means for you and your team…

  • No more guessing what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll have a crystal-clear vision of where you are headed and the steps to take to get you there.
  • Bypass bias and blind spots. Exponentially improve employee engagement and the quality of your team relationships by having an objective understanding of what is getting in your way.
  • With a clear baseline and clear goals, you can easily track your progress, course correct if necessary, and be confident in your ability to achieve the results.
A High Vibe Team™ = High Vibe Customers = High Vibe Growth

Past clients have achieved a 96% employee satisfaction rating within a year of working with us. Want your business to be next??

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