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Looking to become an effective leader or an innovative organisation? Learn how we can help you set up your team and organisation for sustainable growth.

Are you ready to Own Your Step?


Because change starts with you.

Great Leaders inspire people to change because they take responsibility for their own actions. The Energy Leadership Index can help you pinpoint the attitudes and perceptions that might be holding you back from becoming an even higher-performing Leader.


What makes your team tick?

Discover your team’s strengths and drivers for increased engagement and sustainable results. Help connect their motives and sense of purpose with their daily tasks to effectively convey how much they are valued.


Does your team have each other's back?

Trust is at the foundation of every healthy and successful organization and trust is built by strengthening relationships. Conversational Intelligence, C-IQ, strengthens that trust by encouraging positive interactions that ‘shape’ your conversational space for mutual success.


Why Untethered Leadership™?


Because true growth can occur only when we are willing to let go of what is tying us down.

Through our Coaching and Consulting services, we work with Small Business Leaders looking to increase their impact by helping them define their own leadership dimension in a way that aligns with their values and specific business needs. This personalised approach helps Leaders model a behaviour that will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit across all levels of the organisation, intrinsically improve employee engagement and create a space for true innovative thinking giving the company the overall competitive advantage necessary to boost business.

For Professionals and Organizations


The foundation of every healthy organization is trust and trust is built through strong relationships. Conversational Intelligence, C-IQ, plays a key role in strengthening this bond; it encourages positive interactions and can be pivotal in helping leaders align their intentions with their impacts … one conversation at a time.


Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.


Assessments and their related feedback can be invaluable to companies that are committed to bringing lasting change in the workplace. Well-designed assessments offer the opportunity to engage with your staff in ways that matter to them. At Own Your Step, we offer an array of assessments to help identify personalized solutions that will maximize results by leveraging your workforce’s unique skill set.
What my clients have to say …
“Ombretta’s empowering coaching style really worked for me. Her questioning and observations really get to the heart of the matter quickly as does the fact that she picks up on energy and reflects that back to you. She really helped me face my challenges whilst being a real cheer leader motivating me as a result of which I would finish a session bouncing with happiness and buzzing with positive energy. By providing a safe environment in which to explore all those things that hold you back, she has moved me forward in a heap of ways.” Alison D.

Manchester, UK

“Ombretta was a fantastic coach. She supported me in my desire to be more purposeful in how I approach my job and my life and continuously challenged me. I was having a difficult time at work and the role that I was in – and was wanting to make a transition. She kept me focused on how to handle things that were within my control and focus on my end goals, rather than getting caught up in the day-to-day obstacles that came up. Because of Ombretta, I was able to focus on how I can make my career transition a reality. By the end of last year, I successfully made the leap! She made the conversations comfortable and easy, which allowed me to open up and be more vulnerable. I always felt better about who I was and what potential I had after a coaching session.” Alison S.

Arlington, VA

“Ombretta is a incredible coach. She delivers a fully human experience, just by being herself and reaching you exactly where you are. Ombretta is a challenging coach. She listens deeply through all the sessions and brings into light your patterns in a very respectful and powerful way. Ombretta is a wonderful and caring person. Getting to know her was a personally enriching experience. And professionally, an inspiration and reassurance that we can have our own coaching style, and be brilliant. Ombretta has supported me through various matters. One particularly tough, around personality traits that no longer serve my current goals. She helped me realize where I stand, how it affects me and how I want to move forward.” Vanessa C.

Lisbon, Portugal

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“It is a true pleasure to write this review of the work I have done with Ombretta, as my personal coach. From the beginning, she was available to meet my needs and compliance my goal. This means maximum flexibility of the time and the pathway I set during every session. I felt very comfortable and free to open my mind to her to have the best result for my growth. She gave me extremely timed suggestions that helped me improve my purposes in business and in my career to achieve my goals. She gave me the elements to start to build a bridge between my dreams and my past situation. Furthermore, she helped me reach a better understanding of my “why” and personal purposes that move my actions. I really suggest Ombretta and her company to improve your personal growth and have a deeper understanding of your “why”. At the end of our path, I felt a better person and a better man for my family, my career and for my future.”

Alessandro V. – Melbourne, Australia

“Ombretta coached me through a difficult time at work. Her unique way of seeing things helped me to shift my ideas around the emergency fund I’d been building and what I might actually consider to be an emergency. This new perspective has expanded the options available to me and I’m now in the process of making my dream of living and working in abroad a reality! Give yourself the gift of new insights by working with Ombretta. Her thought-provoking questions will uncover your next right moves; her ability to plan and hold clients accountable will have you achieving your dreams.”

Patricia B. – Richmond, VA

“The coaching session with Ombretta was very helpful.  A friend who knew about my struggle with my boss at work had recommended that I take a session with Ombretta.  It was easy to make an appointment and we discussed my work situation over a cup of coffee.  Her guidance eventually led me to have the difficult conversation with my boss about my situation and overall my relationship with him has improved tremendously. I highly recommend a session or more with Ombretta.”

Neda S. – Washington D.C.

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