Own Your Step - Family Business Leadership Development and Culture Advisory

Our approach

At Own Your Step we believe in only introducing change that sticks. And sustainable change is about solving for the core problem, rather than addressing surface issues.

The 5R Roadmap to Sustainable Change

We have developed a proprietary 5-step approach that ensures we touch on the essential elements for sustainable change: a clear picture of today, a vibrant vision for tomorrow and all the in-between. Our goal is to develop solutions that bring effective, sustainable growth for individuals, teams and organisations.

Step 1


We begin with the Reveal phase, where we establish a baseline from which we will measure progress. We look at past and current data to identify trends and patterns; this may include reviewing historical data, collecting new data, and interviewing staff and stakeholders. We use a combination of performance, attitudinal and values-based assessments to create a comprehensive view of what we are working with.

Step 2


During the Review phase, we leverage the data uncovered in the Reveal phase to assess how current operations and mindsets support – or don’t – your broader goals, mission and vision. By pairing the assessment data with the broader goal/vision, we can easily highlight evident gaps in performance, processes, leadership and culture to set a clear direction forward.

Step 3


The Reframe phase is when we take all the data, conclusions and assumptions and put them to work. This might mean training for new skills, re-organising the teams, coaching Leaders and Managers, implementing new processes and procedures, adjusting client outreach or working with a pilot team to test the waters before rolling things out to the broader team. The Reframe phase is where we customise the solution to your needs so we can maximise your results with the least effort and disruption.

Step 4


The Refine phase is when we do our checks and balances. We pull results from the Reframe phase and recalibrate our efforts before establishing the new, more permanent way forward. We may run focus groups, conduct informal interviews, or launch a quick survey. The approach of the Repeat phase will depend mainly on the efforts we undertook during the Reframe phase and, again, will be customised to your business needs and connected to tangible business outcomes.

Step 5


The Repeat phase is the culmination of all your hard work, it's when we bring it all together and finalise the new way forward supported by all we learned during the previous phases.