Own Your Step - Team Training & Coaching

Hello, I'm

I'm on a mission to inspire businesses to build energising workplace cultures that breed positivity, creativity & performance.

A bit about us…

Building cultures that fuel growth, preserve legacies and make a difference.

Own Your Step was born of the desire to inspire businesses to build vibrant, engaging work place cultures that feel good and do good. We love working with family owned businesses because we recognise the crucial role they play in our communities and are proud to support their missions and help protect their legacy.

After more than 20 years in the business and corporate world, working for companies that boasted empty promises, I decided I needed to do something about it, that my contribution to the world was to help businesses understand the impact of culture on profits. So, armed with my bright yellow cape, I use my super-power of cutting through the business-lingo to uncover what's really going on and help businesses transform their teams and cultures to bring out the best in their people.

Good Karma

As a sign of appreciation and gratitude for our priviledged position in this world, every year Own Your Step chooses to donate time and/or money to two charitable initiatives. Our Good Karma efforts for this year are to donate 2% of all our earnings to Surfers Against Sewage and donate our time to Shaw Trust, coaching people back in to the workforce.

Surfers Against Sewage

A community dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. They fight long and hard to protect what we love and won’t stop until it’s completely clean, safe and protected for everyone, forever.

Shaw Trust

Everyone deserves to find a job they love. We stay with job-seekers every step of the way, empowering people and offering them opportunities to access the support and guidance they need to develop their potential, retrain, improve skills, find a job and build a rewarding career.

Our Promise…

We challenge the core...

We ask the tough questions to ensure we are solving for the real, core challenge. No band-aid solutions. Our focus is change that sticks.

Build on what’s working...

We focus on the good and build on what’s already working. We have a keen eye for spotting strengths and are masters at getting the best out of people.

Fit for purpose…

We understand and value that each person and organisation is unique. Your magic lies in your uniqueness. Our programmes, therefore, are designed to align with your specific situation to make sure we hit the mark. Every time.