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Hello, I'm

I have been working with SMEs to build positive workplace cultures for years…

A bit about us…

Working with SMEs to reignite the spark in their people and build an energising company culture.

Own Your Step was born of the desire to make workplaces a happier, more productive and positive place to be. It was founded on the belief that with a little tweaking, leaders could be inspired and energised to infuse excellence into their teams and their organisations

As an Organisational Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Ombretta leverages her varied background and skill set to help her clients connect their business dots in unique ways for maximum results.

Our clients, and the work we do together, are an endless source of pride and inspiration and we feel honoured and privileged that everyday, we get to do things that light us up.

Why choose us…

We challenge the core

We ask the tough questions to ensure we are solving for the real, core challenge. No band-aid solutions. Our focus is change that sticks.

Build on what’s working

We focus on the good and build what’s already working. We have a keen eye for spotting strengths and are masters at getting the best out of people.

Tailored Consulting

We understand and value that each person and situation is unique. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all or off-the-shelf options. Every solution is custom to your situation, tailored to fit.