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NextGen Leadership Development for Family Business

NextGen Leadership Development for Family Business

The future of any family business is dependent on the quality and capacity of its leadership bench. As the next generation of leaders, you are dedicated, ambitious, and exceptionally well positioned to become agents of change, but can sometimes struggle to make your voice heard or to even claim your own, unique voice as a leader. At OYS, we help rising leaders like you, develop the leadership skills you need to carry forward the family business with competence, clarity and confidence.

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NextGen Leadership Development

Trends indicate that the 21st Century belongs to family-owned businesses. With strong values, clear missions, and a keen attention to maintaining a sustainable footprint, family businesses are more likely to engage and attract young talent - a powerful advantage over the 'giants' in the market.

It is also true that to remain relevant on the market, businesses must attract, and retain the best talent. And talent stays where they are valued and given the space to grow and succeed. For this, it is essential that family businesses equip their present and future leaders with the necessary skills to distinguish themselves as the employer of choice by creating strong, energising cultures that speak to the future generations. Does your business have what it takes?

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Partnering With Family Businesses To Develop Tomorrow's Leaders

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We know that what makes your business special is its uniqueness. We value that and are behind you 100%. Our goal is to help you build a workplace culture that will support your next level of business growth without compromising the elements that make you, YOU. For this, we have designed our leadership development programmes to be personal and highly impactful. Rather than trying to fit you into a pre-defined mould of what the “perfect leader” should be, we explore your strengths and unique traits and help you use them in service of the business and your own fulfilment. We help you Own Your Step. Schedule a call today and find out how our Leadership Coaching & Development programmes can help you be the leader that will carry your business in to tomorrow!

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A bit about me...


Helping NextGen Leaders blossom into the Leaders they want, and are meant to be.

I spent most of my career searching for the perfect fitting job with a company that would value my uniqueness and take full advantage of what I had to offer. What I learned is that most companies continue to apply outdated approaches to employee engagement and lack the capability to flex their approach to fit their human capital. I am on a mission to change that.


Through my studies and experience, I've learned that there is no such thing as the "perfect approach" and that the secret lies in constantly adjusting to find the fit that matches your current circumstance. I love working with family owned businesses because they understand the value of individual contributions and have the agility necessary to adjust to changing times. Through Own Your Step Consulting, I work to inspire businesses to develop leaders, build teams and grow vibrant, engaging workplace cultures where purpose, passion and profits align effortlessly.

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Start by scheduling your introductory no-strings-attached consultation by clicking the link below. On the call, we'll get to know each other, I'll run you through a few exploratory questions and provide you with a diagnostic of your Leadership capacity. If from there we feel there is an opportunity for OYS to support your business in further developing its leadership bench, then we'll talk about next steps and what those will look like.
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