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We help transform individuals, teams and organisations through proven coaching, strengths-based team building and unique leadership development solutions.

How we work

Working with SMEs to reignite the spark in their people

Reignite your team

We partner with SMEs to build an innovation-centric culture that fuels self-renewing employee engagement. Through the use of targeted assessments and customised strength-based solutions, we work closely with teams and leaders to help them develop the skills needed to manage and foster a culture that truly welcomes co-creation and innovative thinking, offering the organisation that much desired competitive edge.

What We Do

It’s time to succeed

Dear Leader who skips through the office door Monday morning and crawls out Friday evening, who sometimes feels like they are running a nursery, who would gladly shake some sense into their staff but then remembers they’re a ‘good person’ and feels guilty for even thinking it, who nurses everyone’s worries until they have nothing left to give and who may or may not have a secret stash of wine in the bottom drawer of their desk …. you aren’t crazy and there is a better way.

A bit about us

Working with SMEs to reignite the spark in their people and build an energising company culture.

Own Your Step was born of the desire to make workplaces a happier, more productive and positive place to be. It was founded on the belief that with a little tweaking, leaders could be inspired and energised to infuse excellence into their teams and their organisations.

As an Organisational Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Ombretta leverages her varied background and skill set to help her clients connect their business dots in unique ways for maximum results. Our clients, and the work we do together, are an endless source of pride and inspiration and we feel honoured and privileged that everyday, we get to do things that light us up.

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