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Future-Proof Team Building Programmes.

As a Family Business you understand the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent to remain relevant on the market. And at OYS, we know that talent stays where they are valued and given the space to grow and succeed. Our tailored Team Building and Leadership programmes are designed to help Family Businesses like yours stand out as the employer of choice by creating strong, energising cultures that speak to the future generations. Ready to create a vibrant, high performing team with us?

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Tailored Team Building & Coaching Designed Around You

Tailored Team Building Programmes

Trends indicate that the 21st Century belongs to family-owned businesses. With strong values, clear missions, and a keen attention to maintaining a sustainable footprint, family businesses are more likely to engage and attract young talent - a powerful advantage over the 'giants' in the market.

When it comes to building strong, lasting teams though, striking the right balance can be hard for family businesses. Family dynamics can add a layer of complexity to effectively managing high performing teams and unclear leadership roles can hinder progress. At Own Your Step, our goal is to support you in preserving your family's legacy by developing clear succession plans and building teams that will fuel your next level of growth. Schedule a call to discuss how OYS can support you in building a successful, future-proof team.

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Partnering With Family Businesses To Build Successful Teams

Building Successful Teams

We know that what makes your business special is its uniqueness. We value that and are behind you 100%. Our goal is to help you build a workplace culture that will support your next level of business growth without compromising the elements that make you, YOU. For this, we have designed our team building and leadership development programmes to be personal and highly impactful; one-and-done solutions that focus specifically on what your team needs. Schedule a call today and find out how our Team Building and Leadership Coaching programmes can help you build a team that will take your business to the next level!

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A bit about me...


Team Building that fuels growth, preserve legacies and makes a difference.

After more than 20 years in the business and corporate world, working for companies that cared more about profits than people, I knew I wanted to work with companies dedicated to a mission bigger than themselves, who cared about their people and about giving back.


I love working with family owned businesses because of the crucial role they play in our communities. I feel honoured to help support their missions, broaden their reach and ensure their legacy throughout generations. Through Own Your Step Team Building & Coaching, I work to inspire businesses to develop leaders, build teams and grow vibrant, engaging workplace cultures that feel good and do good.

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