Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)

The foundation of every healthy organization is trust and trust is built through strong relationships.
C-IQConversational Intelligence, C-IQ, plays a key role in strengthening this bond; it encourages positive interactions and can be pivotal in helping leaders align their intentions with their impacts … one conversation at a time.

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When we understand what is happening in our brains, we can develop conversational skills that will help us become more successful in all our relationships.

You may be a manager or leader with a strong vision for your department or group, but find it difficult to get everyone on-board. Or your team may be struggling to achieve a goal together, because everyone is caught up in their own vision of reality and attachment to their own priorities, and they are stalled out. Do your conversations often lead to frustration, distrust and feeling out of sync with those around you?

Conversational Intelligence can help you see your “worst conversations” in new ways — ways that will help you transform future conversations to strengthen your relationships with others. Conversational Intelligence can also help you see more clearly what “great conversations” look like so you can build foresight and learn to shape your conversational space for mutual success.

The concepts and tools in Conversational Intelligence apply both in looking back at what happened in the past, and especially in helping you get in front of the curve, as you look to create the future with others. These principles apply to more than just difficult situations. They open the door to all relationships — in business and in your personal life! Conversational Intelligence will elevate your ability to see and understand when your connections with others are not as strong as they need to be to navigate through challenges or to achieve goals.