By: Annet Baingana

“ He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose” – Jim Elliott, Missionary martyred in Ecuador.

I once heard the story of a woman who sat in an audience watching an expert pianist play. Afterwards, she went up and told the pianist that she would give anything to play like her. The pianist looked at her and said ‘no you wouldn’t or you already would have given 8 hours of practice a day for 20 years. If you gave what I have given then you would play pretty much as well as I do’.

Just like the woman in the story, many of us look at a champion or an outstanding leader and wish we were like them,but only a few of us will take the time to consider and appreciate what it has cost them in the process and ask ourselves if we are willing to pay the price to achieve growth. This  is what really counts.

I am on a learning journey and I invite you to join me so that together we can develop a shift of focus from the fascination of the perks and benefits that come with position and titles, to the cost, the burden and price that has been paid in the process. This will help us to have a balanced view and a deep appreciation of the leaders in our generation and perhaps we will be inspired to become great leaders in our own areas of influence.

This is something that not many people talk about. The cost you should and have to pay to become a successful leader. Being average is easy and simple, but deep down we all want our lives to matter and to inspire others. The truth remains, being a successful leader does not come easy. That is why we often tend to settle for the status quo.

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