Recommended Readings

Below is a list of books and audio books that have contributed to my perspective on Leadership and the reason behind why I do what I do. Should you have any questions or if you would like further information around which of these might be best suited for your situation, please feel free to reach out.

June Giveaway!

Life can sometimes have a peculiar sense of humor. It thinks that by tossing us like a salad it will keep things interesting. Right? Not. But what if being tossed like a salad wasn't so bad? What if you reached a point where you loved the idea of being a salad? Better still, what if you craved being that salad?! Well, good news ... that day may be closer than you think!! The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a one-of-a-kind attitudinal assessment that allows you to gauge where you stand - on your feelings of being a salad - and helps you map a clear path towards being the best 'salad' you can be!! For the month of June, at Own Your Step, we are giving away free ELI assessments. Sign up and receive yours today! Here's the catch - you have to sign up and receive your debrief between June 1 - 30, so ... don't waffle ... be a salad!!

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These books are on my ‘To Read Next‘ list. Check back to see if they make it to the recommended list.

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