Individual Coaching

Perhaps you’re feeling out of sync with your organization or feel that you have much more to contribute but aren’t sure where to begin. Perhaps you struggle to balance your home life and work life. Perhaps you feel you are stretched in too many directions, none of which fulfil you. Perhaps you struggle with saying no and are feeling overwhelmed. Whatever your current struggles might be, I can assure you … there’s a better way.

June Giveaway!

Life can sometimes have a peculiar sense of humor. It thinks that by tossing us like a salad it will keep things interesting. Right? Not. But what if being tossed like a salad wasn't so bad? What if you reached a point where you loved the idea of being a salad? Better still, what if you craved being that salad?! Well, good news ... that day may be closer than you think!! The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a one-of-a-kind attitudinal assessment that allows you to gauge where you stand - on your feelings of being a salad - and helps you map a clear path towards being the best 'salad' you can be!! For the month of June, at Own Your Step, we are giving away free ELI assessments. Sign up and receive yours today! Here's the catch - you have to sign up and receive your debrief between June 1 - 30, so ... don't waffle ... be a salad!!

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As a coach, I will work with you to identify your areas for growth, unbundle some pain points, and strategize a killer plan to move you to the next level. By combining my knowledge and experience in COR.E. Energy Coaching, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, I bring to the table a broad approach to coaching, one that focuses on your who/thoughts, your what/actions, and your how/emotions.

We are complex beings, but that doesn’t mean that we have to lead complex lives. We’ll work together to shift your “have to” to “want to” so you can stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’.

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All coaching sessions are conducted in accordance with the ICF – International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. The sessions are confidential and personal. The coachee sets the agenda for each session and for the overall engagement. Individual and Sponsor contracts are available upon request.