In House Workshops

The following topics can be mixed and matched according to your organizational needs and can be delivered as individual 90-minute sessions or combined into one or more full day sessions.

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My facilitation style is highly interactive and fully engaging. I value your organization’s investment in its employees, so I make sure participants walk away with tangible tools and techniques that can be quickly and easily applied in the work environment. The workshops are thought provoking and aimed at bringing lasting change both in and out of the workplace. A happy worker is a productive work and, frankly, … just more pleasant to be around!

The topics range from Dynamic Communication to Health and Wellness. We will assess together which topics will be suit your current needs.

Dynamic Communication

  1. Communicating Your Unique Core Message
  2. Managing Your Internal Dialog
  3. Harnessing the Power of Effective Listening
  4. Powerful in Silence
  5. Integrating the Power of Anabolic Language
  6. Delivering Your Powerful, Positive Message
  7. Writing to Inspire Action
  8. Communicating Difficult Messages
  9. Creating Winning Conversations
  10. Mastering the Feedback Loop
  11. Leading Powerful and Purposeful Meetings
  12. Presenting to Groups

Energy Leadership™ Energetic Sales Cycle

  1. Being Your Ideal Image
  2. Selling yourself
  3. Your Vision of Success
  4. What’s Preventing Your Success
  5. Attracting Leads and Prospects
  6. Don’t Sell, Coach!
  7. The Energetic Sales Process
  8. Shifting and Managing Your Energy Each Step of the Way
  9. What’s In It for Them (Your Customer, That Is!)
  10. Listening to What Your Customer Is NOT Saying
  11. Energy Sales Tools
  12. Keeping the Momentum Going

Energy Leadership™ Genius Mind

  1. Mastering your Whole Brain
  2. Developing your Intuition
  3. Developing a Beginner’s Mind
  4. Clear path to your Genius Mind
  5. Experiencing your Genius Mind
  6. Calling on All Senses
  7. Holographic Thinking
  8. Creative Action
  9. Rehearsal for the “main event”
  10. Bringing your Genius Mind to Work
  11. Inspiring the Genius Mind in Others

Energy Leadership™ Time Management and Balance

  1. De-stressing about not having enough time to get it all done
  2. Decluttering your office and your mind
  3. Eliminating time (and energy) wasters and dealing with the voice of perfection
  4. Becoming proficient in managing projects and tasks
  5. Recognizing your non-negotiables and staying committed to them in the face of the never ending task list
  6. Dealing with procrastination
  7. Delegating effectively
  8. Developing your customized systems for time management
  9. Saying “no” and setting boundaries
  10. Looking at the big picture to achieve your desired work/life balance
  11. Identifying the triggers that pull you off course and setting the support and accountability to keep you on track
  12. Creating your clear vision for today and the future

High Energy Relationships™

  1. Creating Yourself and Your Ideal Relationship
  2. Developing a High Energy Relationship
  3. Resolving Conflict in Relationships
  4. Relationship Cycle of Change
  5. Shifting a relationship’s focus
  6. Creating powerful working relationships
  7. Creating powerful team relationships
  8. Nurturing the “other” important relationships in your work (and in your life)
  9. Being a relationship magnet
  10. Fostering and nurturing successful family relationships
  11. Creating new relationships in your career and in your life
  12. Developing supportive social relationships

Problem Solving and Conflict Management™

  1. What’s your problem?
  2. Do you really have a problem?
  3. Taming the flight, fight, fright instincts
  4. A good fight – standing up for yourself!
  5. Picking your battles
  6. What’s the real issue?
  7. Getting to yes
  8. Taking another look
  9. Agreeing to disagree
  10. Understanding the problem
  11. Solving problems before they happen
  12. Making waves

Health and Wellness™

  1. Developing winning health and wellness strategies and a successful action plan
  2. Dealing with stress
  3. Stop sabotaging yourself and your success
  4. Balancing health and wellness with other priorities in life
  5. Dealing with the temptations that take you off course
  6. Managing your medical health
  7. Getting the zzzzzzz’s to energize your work and your life
  8. Creating a healthy relationship with food and diet
  9. Getting going with exercise
  10. Increasing your flexibility, agility, and mobility – physically and mentally
  11. Rejuvenating and refreshing your mind and body
  12. Aligning the mind, body, and spirit


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