My ‘Thing’

Here is where I’m supposed to pull all my best tricks out of my trick bag and write a slick, compelling, next-shiny-object intro to who I am and what I do because I blah blah blah … except, that’s not me.

I hate selling.

I always have. I’ve been in customer service my entire life. My first job was as a Customer Service Rep for a major Airline some 25 odd years ago and that first job decided the trajectory for my entire career(s).

I am in the business of helping people. I’m not in the business of convincing, bribing, pushing, or intimidating anyone. I want to be excited to work with you and I want you to be excited to work with me. I want you to work with me because you honestly believe that by working together … we both win. It’s really that simple.

I firmly believe we are all capable of major, sustainable change – once we peel back all the “stories” we’ve bought into! And since our mind is really the only thing that limits us … there’s a WHOLE lot of awesome to enjoy! I will be your biggest cheerleader, but also your toughest ‘mirror’, because it is only by facing what’s standing in our way that we can find a way around it or over it or under it or through it. Regardless of the how … what you want, is past that thing, whatever your thing is. And trust me, we all have our thing.

So how does this work? Easy. Awareness.

My business name is representative of the two core values with which I lead both my life and my work: ownership and empowerment. When you fully embrace the notion that the only thing you have control over is your own attitude, you become both accountable and empowered. When you face your challenges and embrace your shortcomings – more on that later – you raise your level of awareness and it is through that awareness, that you create the space to grow.

In that space of awareness – and of fear and doubt and what ifs and what-will-they-think and who-do-I-think-I-am and ugh, I can hear just hear my father/mother/brother/sister/uncle/friend/teacher/whatevs – you open yourself to biggest gift of all: choice.

That is what working with me gives you.


I’m not a fixer. I don’t fix people or organizations, but I do help bring awareness so YOU can figure out how to fix ‘it’, because after all … who is better equipped to fix your ‘thing’ than yourself? Ultimately, working with me puts you back in the driver seat so you can consciously and purposefully decide where to next take your life and business.

I do this through a combination of core energy leadership techniques, positive psychology theories, neuroscience, attitudinal and values assessments, and a truck load of open, cheer leading, you-got-this focus. My one and only goal is to see you succeed. Your responsibility is to show up, do the work and be blown away by how awesome you truly are.

So what will it be? Another year of ‘if only …’ or a year of … wholly moly, that was un-freaking-believable?!!