About Us

My approach

As my business name suggests, I value empowerment and believe we are all capable of major, sustainable change. My coaching and consulting approach rests on three core values: authenticity, purpose, and connectedness.

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When we, as leaders and organizations, reconnect with our purpose, we reclaim our authenticity and discover a renewed passion for what we do. By clearly envisioning our tomorrow, we are able – today – to take action towards that vision. A clear sense of purpose provides us with the necessary drive to shift out of “have to” and move towards “want to”. When we step into our own light, we become a beacon for those surrounding us and it is through those connections that we truly shine.

Every day, every moment presents an opportunity to make a difference. When our words and actions are chosen with intention and are founded in our purpose, we cannot help but become the best, unapologetic, un-diluted version of ourselves.

Through a combination of core energy coaching techniques, positive psychology theories, neuroscience and attitudinal and values assessments, we’ll peel back the layers of bias and assumptions that are holding you and your organization back to propel you to the next level. Your newly discovered clarity will improve your decision making, strengthen your relationships – in and out of the office,  equip you to manage stress and conflict in a constructive manner, and increase engagement at all levels.

My Mission

My goal is to support leaders at all levels rediscover their purpose and align their intentions with their impact. I do this by co-creating conversations that foster inclusion and become the springboard for innovative ideas. I value individual contributions and encourage organizations to embrace their employees’ full potential by promoting a nurturing, collaborative work environment.

My Logo

The name of my business came to me even before I fully formed the idea of starting a business. Authenticity is a key value for me and I firmly believe that you cannot be authentic if you are not willing to be accountable … hence the name, Own Your Step.

As my business idea took shape, I began to think of design options for my logo. From ‘steps’, the connection to ‘feet’ was fairly simple. AboutThe bare feet represent my connection to the Earth and by extension to the Universe. I believe we all serve a purpose and that life is governed by forces well beyond our understanding. If we sit still long enough, we can hear them speak to us. And it’s beautiful.

The feet also represent our journey and our path, ours to own and enjoy.

The different colours represent our diversity and uniqueness, while the shades of colours represent the fluidity of our being as we transition through the spectrum of our colours.

The circle represents the continuity of life and the perfection of endless opportunities.

And lastly, my tag line speaks of empowerment. The freedom and ability to shape our present and future through the biggest gift of all, Choice.