My ‘Thing’

Stop chasing clients and let your clients come to you! At Own Your Step, I work with Leaders ready to move their business from Grind to Grow so they can attract clients – for life.

As my business name suggests, I value empowerment and believe we are all capable of major, sustainable change. My coaching and consulting approach rests on three core values: authenticitypurpose, and connectedness.

As a Leader, you know how frustrating it is to spend your day fixing problems, putting out fires, and refereeing conversations between your team members. You spend most of your time IN your business rather that working ON your business and are overwhelmed by demands that pull you in every direction rather than the one you want … forward!

Through a combination of core energy leadership techniques, positive psychology theories, neuroscience and attitudinal and values assessments, we’ll peel back the layers of bias and assumptions that are holding you and your organization back. We’ll transform your business into the authentic, purpose-driven business it was always meant to be so that you aren’t just finding clients and you are building lasting relationships.

Every day, every moment presents an opportunity to make a difference. Let’s chat and see what that difference looks like for you!


About Me

My name is Ombretta Mancini and I am the Owner and Founder of Own Your Step.